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Microsoft Certified Professional for
Windows 2000 Server,
Windows 2000 Professional, and
Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Microsoft Certified Database Administrator for
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Brainbench Certified Typist for
54wpm raw/53wpm corrected Brainbench Certified Windows 95 Power User
Ronald Lawson, MCDBA
1220 Chase Heritage Circle #101
Sterling, Virginia 20164-4938
Tel: (703) 421-4927, Cell: (831) 915-4017

Dear People,

  Server, Network and Database Administrator with over fifteen years 
experience, with an emphasis in research, analysis, and troubleshooting, 
both hardware and software, from the component to the wide area network 
level. Seeking a position to combine information technology, security, 
database and troubleshooting experience in the field of knowledge based 
data systems, business intelligence, and analysis. My experience is varied 
and widespread in the information systems field, with special emphasis in 
the Intel based desktop and server systems. Experienced as an administrator, 
security manager, support technician, instructor, and administrative 
assistant with educational, corporate, and governmental organizations, 
within secured and unsecured environments, for CFOs, CEOs and other 
Department Managers. Experienced in team work and management positions, 
with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills emphasizing accuracy and 

  Previously, I have worked with various corporate and Department of 
Defense organizations: McGraw-Hill, GMAC, CH2Mhill, Staff Judge Advocate 
General, G2 Security, Air Defense Command, Office of Personnel Management, 
Special Security Offices, All-Source Intelligence Centers, and Command and 
Control Centers. I have also served in the military as a non-commissioned 
Intelligence officer for ten years, trained in foreign languages and 
Intelligence operations, as an Interrogator, Analyst, Instructor, 
Psychological Operations specialist, Security specialist, and Security 

  I am Microsoft Certified in Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 
Professional, and Networking Infrastructure. As a Database Administrator 
(MCDBA) for Microsoft SQL 2000, and currently studying Active Directory to 
become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

  My vast work experience with Windows 95/98/NT, with LAN and WAN 
topologies; hands-on experience with software and hardware troubleshooting; 
experience assisting end-users with related software and hardware problems; 
excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to work well with 
others on an individual and team basis in accomplishing operational tasks 
allows me to provide a broad background to the employer entrusting me with 
the responsibility of managing their projects.  Considering my background 
and experience in databases, networking, and troubleshooting, I feel that I 
can be of benefit to your organization and should be among the candidates 
for your company. I appreciate your consideration and selection for the 


Ronald Lawson
Ronald Lawson

1220 Chase Heritage Circle #101 - Sterling, VA 20164 United States

Phone: (703) 421-4927, Cell: (831) 915-4017

E-Mail Ron_Lawson@email.com - URL http://www.ralawson.com



Degree Date: 1976

Degree: High School


Escambia High, Pensacola, FL


Three years of undergraduate college: Cochise College, Sierra Vista AZ; University of Maryland, Munich, GE



2001-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Database Administrator for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure


1997-Monterey, CA

Novell LAN Administration, Microsoft NT Administration, Microsoft Exchange Administration


1991-Darmstadt, GE

Introduction to C Programming, System Administrator for UNIX


1988-Sierra Vista, AZ

MS-DOS and Application Classes


1979-Sierra Vista, AZ

Military Intelligence Courses



OCT 2002 to Current

Homeland Security Background Investigation with fingerprint check, CALNet, Inc.


JAN 2002 to Current

Law Enforcement Background Investigation with Fingerprint check, University of Virginia Police Department.


MAY 2002

Drug analysis testing.


MAY 2002 to JUN 2002

United States Postal Service Background Investigation


FEB 1991 to JAN 1993

Secret Clearance, U. S. Army


JUN 1978 to JAN 1988

TS Special Background Investigation for Special Compartmented Intelligence with a Lifestyle Polygraph, U. S. Army



Management, administration, design, analysis, installation, and security of…

  • wide area and local area networks (WAN, LAN, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Token Ring, Ethernet.)

  • communications systems (Modems, CSU/DSU, Routers, Bridges, Hubs, Switches, 66 Blocks, 3Com, Cisco, Compatible Systems, Adtran.)

  • communications lines (Analog, Digital, DSL, Frame, T1, Satellite.)

  • network operating servers and systems (AS/400, UNIX, Novell, Microsoft, Novell Communications Server, Cheyenne Network Fax, Command AntiVirus, F-Prot, Seagate Backup, Veritas, Drive Image, Exchange, Client Access, Vi.)

Management, administration, analysis, security, installation, and instruction on…

  • Disk Operating Systems (CPM, MS-DOS, IBM PCDOS, DEC, Apple, Macintosh, CBM, PET, Amiga DOS, TRS-DOS.)

  • Microsoft Windows (All versions from 286 up to 2000 Advanced Server.)

  • Accounting applications (AccPac, MAS90, Quicken, QuickBooks, PeachTree.)

  • Office Applications (Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, AmiPro, spreadsheet, presentation, CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop, Acrobat, Visio, Outlook, MS-Mail, Norton AntiVirus)

Management, design, analysis, administration, programming, security, installation, and instruction on databases (SQL, Access, dBase III, dBase IV, FoxBase, Paradox, DB2, Powerplay, Impromptu, Act, Crystal Reports.)


Programming (C, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, Basic, PAL, SQL)


Experience in Field:

More than 20 years experience


Management Experience:

Team and Company



OCT 2002 to Current

System Installation Technician, CALNET, Inc. 8300 Boone Blvd. Suite 340, Vienna, VA 22182, David Kim, (703) 903-6800.

Traveled to remote locations via multiple forms of transportation for short durations. Received, inventoried, unpacked, and inspected systems and peripherals. Performed hardware installations and setup of Homeland Security Learning Centers. Verified software functionality for testing of Transportation Security Administration students. Diagnosed problem components and determined repair/replacement strategy of systems and hardware. Briefed Trainers, Training Coordinators, and Managers on final decisions, and requirements affecting training, testing, and Learning Centers. Prepared inventory reports, daily expense reports, daily timesheets for communication via facsimile, or email/internet services with supervisor located at headquarters.

JAN 2002 to Current

Officer III, University of Virginia Police Department, 2304 Ivy Road, Charlottesville, VA, 22904, CPT Coleman, (434) 924-8835.

Provide reception services and maintain security of Judge Advocate General Law School. Provide physical security for guest lodging and school property using NexSentry access software, fire, electrical, video monitoring, and computer systems, and monitoring of personal identification and packages. Monitor parking situation, and physically test door security. Provide instructions and guidance for visitors and guests via phone and personal contact. Report discrepancies via phone, radio and journal logs. Currently have a Law Enforcement Background Investigation with Fingerprint check. Maintain and use multi-line phone, alarm system, desktop PCs, and transceiver radio.

JUN 2002

Desktop Technician, TekSystems, 12343 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite G, Reston, VA 20191-3476, John Motley, (703) 476-3313.

Completed an overnight conversion of a Kemper Insurance branch office, for TekSystems, to an ethernet based network, to include their remote communications, without impeding the user's normal work routines. Project: Ethernet Network Conversion. Kemper Insurance, 12150 East Monument Drive, Fairfax, VA, 22033-4051. Upgraded workstation network adapters from Token Ring to 3Com Ethernet. Modified drivers, Cat5 cable connections and DHCP settings. Updated workstation BIOS, and verified workstation network connection. Upgraded server ethernet adapters and drivers. Modified ethernet IP, DNS, WINS, and Link Speed settings. Verified server network communications. Upgraded rackmount hardware from token ring hubs to Cisco ethernet router and switches. Identified, traced, and replaced Hubs, router, power connections, communications hardware, ports, and jacks. Identified, traced, and replaced server, workstation/printer, CSU/DSU, Modem, ISDN, FT1, Router, and Switch cables. Verified network communications with servers, communication lines, and workstations. Traced, disconnected, and removed Matrix UPS, server, accessory power line, and SmartShare serial communications connections. Removed Matrix UPS hardware, and setup and installed SU5000 UPS and Transformer, server and accessory power line connections, and SmartShare serial communications connection. Upgraded HP5si printer configurations, and installed Ethernet JetDirect network adapters. Traced and replaced power line connections.

MAY 2002 to JUN 2002

Floor Clerk, USPS Stamp Distribution Center, 22403 Randolph Drive, Dulles, VA, 20103-0001, Bryan Fox/Shawn

Temporary position through Manpower Employment Services, 21515 Ridgetop Cirle #100, Sterling, VA, 20166, (703) 433-0701. Prepared paperwork and maintain accountability of stamp stock for destruction, and distribution to Virginia branch offices.

OCT 2001 to FEB 2001

Office Support Specialist, UVa Health Systems Records Management, McKim Hall, Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville, VA, 22901, Howard Smith, (434) 996-2790

Temporary position through Manpower Employment Services, 630 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 130, Charlottesville, Va, 22911, (434) 971-8922 Pulled and filed medical records. Performed sorting, cleaning, repair, updating, and maintenance of medical records in preparation for microfiche scanning. Pulled material for scanning. Located missing records. Prepared pulled material for transport to scanning facility. Updated volume coding in SoftMed. Maintained documentation in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Used copiers, desktop PCs, printers, and LAN. Modified the work structure of the medical records archival team for the University of Virginia Health Services Records Department, to increase efficiency and production by 40%.

MAY 2001 to JUN 2001

Data Entry Clerk, Logs Compliance Dept, Landstar Systems, Inc., 13410 Sutton Park Drive South, Jacksonville, FL 32224, Andrea Bruffet, (904) 390-1661

Temporary position through Manpower Employment Services, 9485 Regency Square Boulevard, Suite #102, Jacksonville, FL, 32225, (904) 724-8200. Entry and verification of transportation driver logs from an optical imaging system into an AS/400 DB2 database. Validation of logs with Department of Transportation and Landstar regulations.

JUL 1998 to MAR 2001

Systems Manager, Mission Packing, 1129 Harkins Road, Salinas, CA 93901-4407, CFO Reed Jacobs, (831) 757-3033

Administered all MIS operations for the multi-server Ethernet TCP/IP-IPX/SPX wide area network (LAN/WAN) and the communications lines between multiple companies in California and Arizona. This included the management, support, and access security of all hardware and software related to the five servers (AS/400, Novell, NT), 50 Windows 9X personal computers, printers, and communication devices (Cisco, 3Com, Routers, Hubs, Switches) in the LAN/MAN/WAN environment. Provided training, troubleshooting, and maintenance for hardware, and software, on server, desktop, network, and communication systems, including coordination of service providers. Assisted with web site design, implementation and maintenance. Performed research and cost analysis, and implemented approved solutions, for upgrades of company hardware, software, and communications. Administered several different finance-specific applications. Performed backup verification and tape rotation. Familiar with WAN technologies, routers, firewalls, and security. Set up printers, performed network printer installation and trouble-shooting. Aquired systems (including all laptop systems, desktop systems, and printers). Maintain Virus-Scanning software at desktop, server levels. Configured desktop systems with NetWare, Windows, Exchange, and all company-approved software. Performed several advanced projects including software conversions and Year 2000 Preparation. Specialized software consisted of Novell Communications Server, Cheyenne Network Fax, Command AntiVirus, Seagate Backup, Veritas, Drive Image, Microsoft Office, Corel Office, Lotus Suite, MAS90, QuickBooks, AccPac, Cognos Powerplay, Impromptu, Exchange, Client Access, CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop, Acrobat, and Visio.

Performed an upgrade of the communications structure for Mission Packing to increase the capacity, quality, availability, dependability, and redundancy of resources with a minimum impact on costs, decreasing required travel and communication costs by 50% for the wide are network. Integrated business knowledge information between Excel, Access, dBase, DB2, ODBC within Cognos PowerPlay and Impromptu. Implemented increased information access by 20%, increased faxing accessibility by 20%, and implemented EDI for processing and invoicing via a web based solution for the company. Replaced or reprogrammed routers, switches, hubs and servers as necessary, while performing research on wireless and satellite communications.

Rebuilt Mission Packing NT, Novell, AS/400, print servers, and standardized Windows workstations in order to increase capacity, availability, features, and security, and decrease failure rates. Reduced the down time of users to hours, instead of days, and reduced the required technical repair time by 95%. Implemented maintenance schedules and training to provide a 10% increase of user availability of systems.

Revised contracts for maintenance of servers, printers, workstations and miscellaneous hardware at Mission Packing, providing immediate savings of $13,500 in the first year alone. Budgets, accounts and contracts, were continually under review for communications, partnerships, liaisons, and services.

Initiated informal in-house training on software for Mission Packing personnel, in order to provide a friendlier environment for the users, and providing an increase in user productivity for the company.

MAR 1998 to APR 1998

Quality Assurance Tester, Softbank Content Services, Eight Harris Court, Monterey, CA, 93940

Temporary position through Western Staff Services, 419 Pacific St., Monterey, CA, 93940. Tested recovery software on prototype and legacy computer systems to insure compatibility and functionality of software and hardware. Recorded deficiencies/solutions for bug tracking database, programmers and clients.

FEB 1994 to OCT 1997

Database Administrator, McGraw-Hill School Systems, 20 Ryan Ranch Road, Monterey, CA 93940, CFO Tim Bergholz, (408) 757-6730

Maintained, validated, updated, and programmed the customer account database consisting of 25,000 customer locations worldwide, with a dozen product lines, 7,500 contracted customers, and 15,000 material products. Produced reports for all departments. Provided training, troubleshooting, and maintenance for hardware, software, and programs, both on desktop and network systems. Performed statistical research and reporting, and job applicant reviews.

Implemented a tracking system for orders shipped from McGraw-Hill School Systems, providing a cost reduction of 90% in replacement of customer orders, creating a 20% reduction in customer service inquires, and resulting in a return of approximately $50,000 a year in shipping costs that were previously never billed. Integrating this into the account management software allowed for an 80% decrease of data entry errors, and resulted in identification of data integrity errors in the account management database and accounting software data.

Initiated an analysis of the account management database and accounting software data for McGraw-Hill School Systems, and determined that the initial data was approximately 10% accurate. After performing reprogramming and data restructuring to control data errors, performed a data scrub that increased accuracy to approximately 99%. This also allowed for tax billing and accounting for approximately $25,000 a year, a 60% decrease in time and labor required for data maintenance, a 20% decrease in inventory and shipping costs, and savings of $30,000 per year in resources for a paperless documentation system for 24 world wide sales representatives. This also provided a 20% increase in sales and marketing targeting and responsiveness.

JAN 1994 to FEB 1994

Operations Clerk, GMAC, One Lower Ragsdale Road, Monterey, CA, 93940

Temporary position through Western Temporary Services, 484 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey, CA, 93924. Responsible for filing, check processing, and file distribution. Miscellaneous duties consisted of answering telephones, mail distribution, and managing office supplies.

DEC 1993 to JAN 1994

Stock Clerk, Office Products & Interiors, 2340 Garden Rd., Monterey, CA, 93940

Temporary position through Western Temporary Services, 484 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey, CA, 93924. Responsible for inventory, receiving and shipping. Miscellaneous duties consisted of answering telephones, cleaning, restocking shelves, and office deliveries.

NOV 1993 to DEC 1993

Data Entry Clerk, CH2Mhill, 1111 Broadway, Suite 1200, Oakland, CA, 94607

Temporary position through Manpower Temporary Services, 299 Webster St., Monterey, CA, 93940. Responsible for input and validation of statistical data pertaining to Water Filtration Methods. Printed Charts and Graphs using Lotus 1-2-3 and Allways for seven different methods of filtration.

FEB 1991 to JAN 1993

Computer Assistant, SJAG, 32nd Army Air Defense Command, McGraw Kaserne, Darmstadt, GE, APO AE 09175-2409, Legal Administrator CW3 Jose Robertson, DSN-348-7358

Duties consisted of a variety of automation functions such as program modifications, word processing, database management, spreadsheet, graphics, telecommunications, maintenance, installation, utilization, services and supplies for all hardware and software. Assisted with training, installation, and maintenance of security software. Assisted Automation Security Manager with inspections, maintenance, accreditations, and databases.

Analyzed, designed and implemented an accountability database for hardware and software resources for the Staff Judge Advocate General, 32nd Army Air Defense Command, providing an automated security accreditation system, creating a 40% reduction of resources required for accreditation documentation, and a 30% increase in accreditation approval.


Reviewed, determined, recommended, and installed hardware, software, network, and communications upgrades for the Staff Judge Advocate General, 32nd Army Air Defense Command WAN/LAN. Coordinated contracts and maintenance of hardware with procurement, accounting offices, and vendors. Upgraded the coaxial IPX network to provide network coverage for the entire local office and two branch offices within Germany. Upgraded the Lexis-Nexis CD-ROM software and hardware availability for the lawyers, giving them automated access to case histories for the first time. Provided a 30% increase in the availability and timeliness of electronic mail over the servers and workstations from Sperry, Wang, and Unisys. This provided the support for the success of the initial US Army Europe tax seminar in Darmstadt, GE.

Analyzed, designed, developed and implemented a database system for the inventory and tracking of automated information systems (AIS) accreditations, for sixty-one organizations and staff sections, covering 53,000 square miles. Designed and distributed various accreditation documentation templates for approximately 400 systems including word processors, microcomputers, minicomputers, and mainframes, both networked and stand-alone, in both tactical and garrison environments. As a member of G2, 32nd AADCOM, provided security software reviews, recommendations, and interpreted the initial security regulations for the AIS accreditations for US Army Europe, Department of Information Management, and the Pentagon, for implementation of secure systems between Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Germany in support of the Patriot missile batteries during Desert Storm. Trained, installed, and maintained security software. Performed and maintained system security manager inspections, maintenance, accreditations, and databases.

SEP 1988 to MAY 1990

Instructor, Office of Personnel Management Training Center, USAISC Activity-FH Info Center, Bldg 22408, Sierra Vista, AZ 85613, Program Coordinator GS4 Lori Johnson, 602-533-3203

Assisted military and civilian students with interactive video learning of MS-DOS and applications. Maintained computer systems, files, software, course activities, tests, and facilities. Maintained and used desktop PCs, typewriter, security alarm, CBT laserdisc, copier, and telephone.

Created and maintained a student database for the Office of Personnel Management Training Center, which allowed for statistical tracking of students, student progress, and grade performance. This also allowed for the tracking of courses requiring rewrites and revisions.

JUN 1988 to SEP 1988

Laboratory Assistant, Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, 85635.

Assisted students with computer systems, applications, and languages. Maintain network, systems, software, files, and facilities.

MAY 1978 to JAN 1988

Instructor, Tactical Interrogation Branch, Exploitation Division, Department of Human Intelligence, TRADOC, Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-7000, Platoon Sergeant SFC Karl Cottrell

Trained, evaluated, graded, and critiqued students in one-to-one and classroom settings on interrogation procedures in native and foreign languages. Presented instruction and briefings as a subject matter expert to students, and developed various doctrinal projects.

Determined the requirement for, and upgraded the audio/visual equipment for the 6th Psychological Operations Command, increasing portability, effectiveness, and efficiency. The weight of equipment carried by an AV squad member was reduced by approximately 95%, allowing for greater mobility and versatility in the field. Supervised and trained soldiers. Maintained platoon vehicles and equipment. Rear Detachment Field First Sergeant during REFORGER exercise.

Designed, programmed, documented, and implemented an integrated database management system for Intelligence Information Reports for the 18th Military Intelligence Battalion. Providing automated statistical information and reports to the S2 and S3 about personnel, and intelligence reports for the first time.

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